Use of cookies on the Erste Private Banking's website

The Internet banking of Slovenská sporiteľňa as well as our website use cookies, which help us improve our services and customise their offer to you. The cookies allow you to access Internet banking and the Bank’s website and other services more quickly and securely.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the user's web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) on their computer (or other internet device, e.g. smartphone or tablet). This file enables the visitor or user of the Internet banking to access the customised content every time they revisit a website. Information from cookies is accessible only to the website (or web server) of the company that created them and to no one else. A cookie is only a passive file; it does not contain any software programs that could run on the user’s device with an Internet access (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

What do cookies contain?

On the websites of Slovenská sporiteľňa you may encounter temporary or permanent cookie files. Temporary cookies are used in the user’s browser only when the user is browsing the website. These are, in particular, files whose task is to secure and identify the connection between the Bank and the user’s computer during a single visit (e.g. information as to whether it is a mobile device or a computer, including various encrypted identifiers that are used for secure connection with the Bank’s web servers). After leaving the website, the files are deleted from your computer (or other device). Permanent cookies remain on your computer (or other device) until their validity expires or they are deleted by the user. They are used, for example, to identify the client’s login, the user’s language or to pre-fill a form. Also, they allow the website to offer more relevant content and personalised communication between the Bank and the user.

What are the benefits of using cookies?

A cookie is a file that contains information from the user’s web browser and a particular web server. If a web browser accesses the web server again, the server can read this information more easily and quickly and react to the data stored on it. Slovenská sporiteľňa uses this technology on its website and Internet banking sites to enhance the integration of its services. This includes targeted ads on the Bank’s websites, the processing of forms, as well as secure and correct functioning of Internet banking services.  The cookie files allow us to improve not only our webpages, but also all of our services and offers.


In case the websites of Slovenská sporiteľňa use cookie files to process personal data that can be used to identify a particular user (or a client), rules stipulated by the relevant legislation on protection of personal data and privacy must apply. These are a part of the Bank’s General Terms & Conditions, as well as of the Terms & Conditions for Using the Website of Slovenská sporiteľňa. More details and legal information on the processing of personal data can be found at Terms & Conditions.

No party other than Slovenská sporiteľňa is able to identify the particular client from the cookie file, since the technical character of the cookie makes it impossible to determine the identity of the user with absolute certainty. Likewise, it is impossible to determine the user’s identity when their device is attacked by a computer virus or malware from another web server, or in case an error occurs in the user’s browser.

What are the options for changing cookie settings or removing cookies?

Every browser offers tools to customize cookie settings.  Most browsers are preset to enable saving cookies on all web servers (sites). There are several ways, in which the cookies may be processed:

  • the user must accept or decline each cookie file before it is saved on the computer;
  • the user specifies the behaviour of cookie files on specific websites (e.g. favourites);
  • the user completely prohibits cookies from being saved on the computer.

For further information as to where to find cookie settings in your browser visit the help pages of your browser provider. Cookies, either all of them or just the specified ones, may be removed in every browser. However, if they are removed or the browser is set to decline them, the users of the Slovenská sporiteľňa website will not be able to make full use of the website, since most of our services do rely on the cookie files.

If a user wishes to turn off only specific cookie files that are permanently stored on the computer (or other devices or multiple computers and devices), and which Slovenská sporiteľňa uses to identify clients on its pages, the user can do so by logging in to Internet banking in the section „Settings – My data“ and setting the field „Customising web content“ to „prohibited“. Thus, the Bank ensures in a transparent way that the existing cookie files are deleted too. This is the most appropriate setting for clients because only cookie files enabling the interconnection of individual services are switched off and the functioning of services remains unaffected. The cookie status can be switched back to „permitted“ at any time in the future so that the client may make full use of SLSP services on its website.